Carved Turquoise Clip-On Earrings


Product Description

Amazing Carved Turquoise Clip-on Earrings


  • Beautiful, swirled carving in turquoise
  • Clip on for proper anchorage to the ear
  • Looks incredible when paired with (or without) other turquoise
  • Photo-ready designer jewelry

These beautifully simple turquoise earrings are the perfect addition to an outfit that needs some color to make it pop. The earrings are large, and look great when worn with other turquoise pieces. Designer Devon Leigh is known for creating some of the best jewelry designs in the industry, and the intricate carving on this piece illustrates that well. Don’t wait, order your own pair of turquoise earrings today, and enjoy free shipping!


  • Carved Turquoise
  • Gold Plated Clip-On
  • Approx. 1"
  • Made in USA